Marina Hotel Lofoten is a contactless hotel, without reception. Our guests check in with a room code, sent by SMS within check-in time 15:00 on arrival date. Despite self-service check-in/out we offer breakfast and cleaning in all our prices. We at Marina Hotel Lofoten strive to offer the best and lowest price in our segment to all our guests. You will receive the best possible rate through our website or by contacting us at +47 415 18 300.

We at Marina Hotel Lofoten want to give our guests a lot for their money, and that our guests are left with a good experience after their stay here with us. That is why we have invested time and energy in creating a good atmosphere, a good breakfast where guests can start their day with a good meal, simple and smart solutions in the form of self check-in and check-out. Our guests also have the opportunity to organize themselves in the form of using the kitchens to cook meals, or using the laundry room to be able to clean clothes during their stay.

We want to adapt to all types of guests, and therefore have room categories that are suitable for everyone.


The hotel has existed since the early 1980s, and was one of the main attractions in Svolvaer at that time. In the period after the hotel operation, the building mass has been used for purposes other than accommodation for almost 20 years, before the building mass has now been restored as one of Svolvaers central hotels.

The hotel consists of 50 rooms in the main building and 26 rooms in our building 2, which is located behind the hotel. With the extensive renovation and modernization that took place in 2018 to 2021, the hotel features modern rooms with completely new furniture. All of the walls and floors were torn down and replaced with new, environmentally friendly solutions. This provides a very good indoor climate which the guests greatly appreciate.

a new lift has been established in the hotel in 2021. 5 new kitchens have also been established which guests who wish to cook their own food can use.

  • Renovated 2019
  • Reception: no 
  • Breakfast: yes
  • Free Wifi
  • Free parking
  • Elevator: yes 
  • Floors: 4  
  • HC-room: 2 
  • Allergy-friendly rooms  
  • Public kitchens: 5